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Do you like Can Can’s original music?
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Also be sure to check out our behind the scenes interview with music producers, Chris Pink & Dave Pezzner, on the creation of The Legend of El Dorado’s Soundtrack!



Q13 Fox news interview

check out our news segment on q13!

Can Can Culinary Cabaret was recently featured on Seattle’s very own Q13 Fox News!

Listen in as Can Can’s very own Jonny & Shadou chat about all things Can Can, including our very own annual all-ages, family-friendly winter show Wonderland Brunch! They rap about everything that goes on for the Matinee Brunch shows, from costumes and music, to the food and drinks available! Come check it out!



Stephen Fry In America

Can Can was featured in Stephen Fry’s tour of America!

Did you know that Can Can’s founder and creative director, Chris Pink, was featured on Stephen Fry In America?

Skip to 22:29 to watch Chris and Stephen roll through Seattle’s Pike Place market, snack on mini-donuts, and even catch a classic show at Can Can.

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